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40th Reunion Notes

To send notes, e-mail them to Peggy Clark Smith

Dear Peggy --- I am so sad to have to tell you I can't make the Reunion. We will be in Europe doing our singing tour with The Mississippi Chorus: Frankfurt, Budapest, Vienna, Eisenstadt, and Prague are the cities where we'll be performing. After that, some family and friends will continue on with us staying in Vienna for the Haydn Festival, Salzburg for the Mozart Festival, Venice and the Bay of Naples area where we'll meet up with one of my brother's friends from London, England who has a sailing yacht docked in the Mediterranean. We'll sail around for about 5 days, then fly over to Providence, Rhode Island, to go over to our boat docked at Newport, RI. We'll sail around New England and may venture up into Nova Scotia, all of that for about 2 weeks and then, finally, go home. By that time, it's early August. Whew. I had visions and dreams of Debi Hall meeting me in Dallas, we stay overnight there for one of our shopping adventures (that we'd do during our Senior year and college years) and then driving back "home" to Normal Norman for the Reunion, sharing a room at a hotel there and, generally, having a ball... This Europe opportunity didn't come up until late Fall when our Director made contact with the Music Tour Agency that is handling it for us and the rest is history. Anyway, I know all of you will have a GREAT time and maybe we could plan for a 45th Reunion??? I also would like to really try hard to get to Norman for one of the monthly "Get-Togethers" in the future. Thank YOU, Peggy, for all you have done for this class in starting up this website, the Memorials, etc. I know I appreciate you so much. I have sent in my $20 anyway to Mike with a bit more in donation for the event to be spent at your discretion. I'll be thinking of all of you those 2 days........

Love, Sara (Haynes,McNeill) Christy

Peggy, I am sorry to miss out on the fun too! It will be the first reunion I have missed! My youngest is finally graduating from college and we all are going to Olympia Washington and then on the Victoria, Canada to celebrate. I hope you post great photos! I am still in Tulsa, still at Family & Childrenís Services, and still married to Dan. Life is good! Danís 96 year old mom lives with us-she is awesome! My Dad passed last June. He was happy until the end and didnít linger too long. Thanks for keeping us connected!

Claudia Crittendon Arthrell

That's great!!!! I wonder if mine would show up accidentally! Believe it or not it was lost in a tornado!!! Imagine Oklahoma! It happened around the very early 70's. Didn't attend prom....didn't really fit in with any "click" because I was an Air Force brat and always travelled, but ended up in Norman because Tinker is a SAC base. My dad always ended up in SAC bases because of his type of job. I've never attended a reunion...hope I can make the 40th!!!

Donna "Wilson" Mullins

Hi everyone. I very much wanted to be with you for the reunion, but I got caught between two family vacations (daughter's college graduation and nephew's wedding) and just couldn't do this trip too. For those of you who might remember me and care, here's a brief synopsis of what's happened in my life over the last 40 years: 1973, graduated from Rice U here in Houston with BA in Religious Studies. Worked for a couple of years as a truck-driver/Jewish book salesman. Spent a year studying in Israel. Went to rabbinical school(Academy for Jewish Religion), interned in a synagogue in Queens in NYC, graduated in 1980. Spent six years in my first pulpit in Galveston, TX. Married in 1982 to Tobi Cooper of Houston, still together almost 27 years and four children later (girls 26, 23 and 15, boy 21). Moved in 1986 to a synagogue in Kansas City, where we lived until 2004. We came back to Houston, where Tobi has gone into her parents' business ( and I work as rabbi/teacher part-time and student part-time In the 90s I started a distance learning doctoral program in Judaica...finished my course work last September, right before Hurricane Ike, and am hoping to finish my project, a book on Jewish Mysticism in the next 18 months or so. Details on request, probably will take care of any of you who suffer from insomnia. Memories of NHS: (1) Drivers' Ed with Mr. Griffin, always an adventure and something to look back on and laugh--see his memory page for details. (2) English with Mrs. Jones, ever the hip young teacher who accepted our garbage about Cream and other cultural icons. (3) Chemistry with Mr. Vickburg -- don't remember a thing about chemistry, but he sure was entertaining. He must have known most of us wouldn't retain it anyway... he died way, way too young. (4) Playing chess with Mark Andruss, Craig Huneke and John Ezell. Chess is still my primary hobby; I can't go to tournaments but I play on webservers, have about 35 games in progress at present and enjoy it a lot. But Craig actually had his picture on the cover of a national chess magazine! (5) Jack Fite. Not sure why. Jack, you sure look hostile in that picture on the web page, maybe you liked high school even less than I did. (6) The ill-fated trip to Tahlehquah for a debate tournament...ask Craig Coogan ('68). (7) I remember that I ran for student council treasurer my senior year and lost. If anyone remembers who won, let me know. (8) Winston Munn, one of the friendliest guys in NHS. Where are ya, Winston? Didn't we do debate together? As I look over the web page and the lists and pictures of classmates, I'm surprised and saddened to see how many have already left this earth. I hope I get to see some of you at a future reunion. Really wish I could have joined you this time. Good luck to all of you.

Danny Horwitz

Hi Peggy, just to let you know I cannot attend the reunion. I know it will be fantastic and I hope everyone has a great time. maybe I can make antoher reunion in the future. luv Alice. ps. thanks for all your good work towards the effort. you have done well. as they say in australia good on ya. that means we are very proud of you.

Alice Rozen McDonald

Sorry I can not make it. My school is not out until July 9th. I can not get away right now. Say Hi to all my old (no pun intended) friends.

Mike Lampe

Well Darlin, I write this note with a bit of a heavy heart. I will not be able to attend the 40th Reunion of our High School class tonight and tomorrow night. I have been looking forward to it for years and years but it looks like I lose on this one.

My dad said there were two types of people on the High School Reunion issue.

a) Those people who go, don't know hardly anyone, and still get sad over all the missing faces who are no longer on this planet.

b) Then there are those who don't show up, and feel like they missed everything, and everybody......................forever.

I have so many questions about so many people. I have a letter I wrote 15 years ago for Karen Block, after our 25th reunion.....always been afraid to give it to her..........let me see....... that would make me 42 years too late, and now I am missing another opportunity. Damn. I have Mike and his new bride's picture on the wall of one of my offices. Swear to God, I can make no connection with that picture, to the kid I knew in High School. I know we will all miss Billy Dry and his great smile. Names, names, names. I wonder how many others you will all talk about tonight and tomorrow. There were so many beautiful or interesting girls from the 2 years I was in Norman for my Junior and Senior years, it breaks my heart to think of them. Swear to God, I can still see their faces, but the names have run away. Please give them my regards and my apologies for not showing up this weekend. My bad.

On the other end of things, I raised 2 great kids who are now out in the world, my first and only wife still puts up with me after 34 years (go figure). I am dueling banjos with some of the most evil people on the planet, and with any luck, their ass is mine. None of the health things that are trying to kill me have the upper hand yet, and I am as fierce as anyone on the street, any day of the week. My tennis game has improved over the last 15 years to the point that I play the head pros at most tennis clubs straight up. Wish to hell I could have done that in High School, but such is life, I guess.

Many thanks to everyone for being an important part of who I turned out to be. I am in your debt.

It seems as though I should close this old farts letter to his friends----------- by reminding them where we are in this movie.

If you don't kiss someone you are supposed to, AND someone you are not supposed didn't work this event to it's logical conclusion. After all, how many chances do you think you have left?........PLUS, lord knows we are not going to look any better next year.................PLEASE, use this letter as your excuse.

Example: "Well hell, honey,...............I was just doing it for Ty."

Sincerely missing you all,

~Ty Eckley~

Hi Peggy,sorry to say I am not going to be able to make it to the reunion after all. Wasnít sure if I would be in town and was waiting for final say from work.Regretfully,I have been told I will be leaving on Thursday. You have done a great job and please notify me of any upcomings and updates. Have a wonderful time and tell Rhonda Im very sorry.

~Vicki Reed Conn~

So sorry I couldn't make it. One of my closest friends has a daughter getting married this evening and I have out of town guests for the occasion. Can't wait to see the pics.

~Bev Byram~

Peggy, Youíve done a fantastic job on the web site and with everything else youíve done for the class of í69. I really appreciate all of your hard work and devotion. Donít know if Iíll make the reunion, but I have really enjoyed the web site. Thank you!

Sandy Waller Davis

What an awesome party! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. My son's high school graduation is tonight and I had to choose whether to be in Norman with all of you or be in Oregon at Mark's graduation. I cancelled my flight reservations when I realized his graduation was on the 40th reunion weekend.

When I looked at the photos I wanted to reach through the glass on the computer and give hugs and handshakes.

Be sure and rock out tonight.. I asked Mike Hardwick to smack the drums a little extra hard for me.

Maybe you can get John Ryan up on the bandstand to do "I'm Cryin'" by Eric Burdon and the Animals, an old tune The Rivals played. And nobody does G-L-O-R-I-A like Bruce Remy...

Best wishes. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and DVD's.

~Bobby Hohenberger~

Didnít get to the party Friday night but was able to go tonightÖ.it was great seeing so many people. Sorry you had to miss it Bobby but it was the right thing to do to stay with your son. Good job!

Later & hope everyone arrives back home safely.

Big THANKS to all the organizers, special thank to Peggy for keeping us going online.

~Barb (Luttrell) Stephenson~

It was one heck of a weekend, great parties and it was especially good to see everyone who came from all over the US. We saw alot of old frieds and made some new ones. Special thanks to Peggy for all your hard work and to Mike and the band for providing us with excellent tunes. Debora and I had a wonderful time , although it might take awhile to recover from two nights in a row of staying up past 10

~Gary Adams~

I know I tease my friends in the class of 69, but you guys ROCK! Jimmy and I really enjoyed his reunion. It was really nice to see everyone, and I'll say right off the class of 70 will have to do a really big job to top ya'll! (Won't happen) Thanks Peggy, Mike and guys are awesome! The class of 84 had their 25th last night (Jimmy's bro is in that class) and they had fewer people show up than ya'll!

~Melanie (Archer) McHughes Class of 1970~

Peggy, I think you did an awesome job perpetuating the energy for the reunion. You have already got pictures for us to review and they are great. Thanks for all you did!. Everyone had a great time getting together and reminiscing was such a hoot!.. I appreciate all your effort ! Thanks again.

~Paula Jo Bourland Allen~

I think you all did a good job. Everyone seem to be having a great time. Thank you for your time and planning. I think it was a great success.

~Donna Adkisson Burks~








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